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Question: Permanent population

Description:  In the provincial statistical yearbook, what are the definition for the following categories? 1. registered permanent population 2. permanent population 3. temporary population Thanks!
Time of question:2008/9/25 16:15:46
Answer:1. registered permanent population are the permanent residents with local household registration 2. permanent population include those local residents with or without local household registration 3. temporary population are those local residents without local household registration
Answer time:2008/9/25 16:15:46

Question: Special Economic Zones

Description:  I am looking for time series data on the Special Economic Zones (e.g. location, geographical area and employment level,etc). Please help. Thank you and have a nice day.
Time of question:2008/9/25 13:53:59
Answer:Some Epecial Economic Zones have annal statistical yearbooks. You may also find some annual statistical data from the provincial statistical yearbooks.
Answer time:2008/9/25 13:53:59

Question: foreign direct investment in China

Description:  I am looking for data on FDI in china by country by year from 1981 to 2006. Do you have this avaiable in an Excel file? Thanks a bunch!
Time of question:2008/9/25 13:52:47
Answer:You may take a look at China Statistical Yearbook of Foreign Trade Statistical Yearbook.
Answer time:2008/9/25 13:52:47

Question: Information and Communication Technologies

Description:  I am looking for data on telephones, radio and television sets for 1,000 persons by province. Where can I find them?
Time of question:2008/9/25 13:51:32
Answer:You may take a look at the provincial statistical yearbooks. They may not be available in all provincial yaerbooks.
Answer time:2008/9/25 13:51:32

Question: data disappearance

Description:  In trying to open pages in the China Statistical Yearbook for 2007, I get a message that the page cannot be found. R.S.Eckaus@mit.edu
Time of question:2008/9/25 13:50:19
Answer:You should use IE browser since some functions may not work with FireFox. You may also need to install Chinese font with Adobe Reader if it is an earlier version.
Answer time:2008/9/25 13:50:19

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