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Question: population data for sichuan and chongqing

Description:  hi! i am from the Asian Development Bank and I am collecting provincial data... I would like to know how i should treat the data for Sichuan and Chongqing before 1997when Chongqing was still part of Sichuan... should i add the figures for Chongqing to Sichuan??? i hope you can enlighten me on this. thanks! Damaris Yarcia
Time of question:2008/9/25 13:48:40
Answer:The historical data for Sichuan has been adjusted after Chongqing is seperated from Sichuan. You can merge the population of Chongqing and Sichuan after seperation for comparative analysis before and after seperation.
Answer time:2008/9/25 13:48:40

Question: Output share of state-owned enterprises

Description:  May I know where I can get the output share of state-owned enterprises? If possible, I also need the state banking sector's loans outstanding. Thanks.
Time of question:2008/9/25 13:46:26
Answer:You can find the output share of state-owned enterprises from 2004 Economic Census Data Yearbook. We don't have the data about the state banking sector's loans outstanding.
Answer time:2008/9/25 13:46:26

Question: Automobile

Description:  Where can I find information about automobile manufacturing, purchasing and production in China?
Time of question:2008/9/25 13:44:55
Answer:Those information is not avaialble online. You may contact chinadata@umich.edu or (734)647-9610 about a customized service.
Answer time:2008/9/25 13:44:55

Question: Gasoline and Diesel Data

Description:  Your import/export data is excellent... thank you! I was wondering: do you have any information on WHY diesel and gasoline imports increased so much during the second quarter of this year?
Time of question:2008/9/25 13:43:07
Answer:You can probably search some online news reports on the recent energy consumption in China.
Answer time:2008/9/25 13:43:07

Question: Migrant numbers

Description:  The city yearbook seems to only have registered household and population. Where can I find data on migrant population? I am trying to compile a table with proportion of urban population to migrant population. Also, is there data on industrial sector that migrants work in? Many thanks!
Time of question:2008/9/25 13:41:30
Answer:You can find some migration information from 2000 population Census database and 2005 population survey database.
Answer time:2008/9/25 13:41:30

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