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Question: household level data

Description:  I want to access household level data to study urban poverty factors is such level data available?
Time of question:2008/9/25 13:40:22
Answer:The household survey data at micor level is not available in the online database. You can contact chinadata@umich.edu or (734)647-9610 for a customized service.
Answer time:2008/9/25 13:40:22

Question: Adult Literacy rate

Description:  I am trying to create an education index by province for China. Your site has been quite helpful, but I was wondering if you had data on the adult literacy rate by province. Thank you
Time of question:2008/5/15 12:43:53
Answer:They are available in 2000 population Cenus data.
Answer time:2008/5/15 12:43:53

Question: Column Headers for Basic Condition in Yearly Industrial Data

Description:  What is the difference between the second and third column in the basic condition section for yearly industrial data? Both have the same heading, "Number of Enterprises(unit)", but have very different values. Specifically, i have been looking in textiles.
Time of question:2008/5/15 12:43:16
Answer:The basic condition in the 2nd column is for "Profitable Enterprises" and the 3rd is for "Top Ten Enterprises".
Answer time:2008/5/15 12:43:16

Question: industrial data

Description:  I have two questions about the "yearly industrial data". (1) . what's the definition of an "Enterprise" ? (2) Does "Number of Enterprises" include all "enterprises" all only "state-owned enterprises and enterprises with sales revenue above 5 million Yuan" in a district ? Thank you!
Time of question:2008/5/15 12:38:10
Answer:An Enterprise is a company that makes products. The number of enterprises depends its definition and coverages.
Answer time:2008/5/15 12:38:10

Question: Marriage data of China

Description:  Do you have any Marriage data of China,such as age at first marriage for men and women for each province? or Number of single people by age group and by sex for each province? Thanks!
Time of question:2008/5/15 12:34:15
Answer:You can find detailed information from 2000 population Census data.
Answer time:2008/5/15 12:34:15

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