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Question: Yearly Industrial Data industry categories

Description:  Dear Sir or Madam, I was wondering, how are the industry categories defined in the yearly industrial data (2 digit through 4 digit codes)? Which organization defines these? Does there exist a matching (concordance) between these categories and the HS commodity codes used in export and import data? Thank you for your help! Sincerely, Kjell Carlsson
Time of question:2008/5/15 12:10:54
Answer:The industrial categories is defined by Chinese government. The HS code is following a universal standard, which is different from the industrial code system.
Answer time:2008/5/15 12:10:54

Question: Grain Trade Balance

Description:  I am looking for information on China's grain trade balance over the past few years. Can I find that in your database?
Time of question:2008/5/15 12:08:38
Answer:The custom data is not online. We can provide the customized data service. Please contact chinadata@umich.edu about your specific request.
Answer time:2008/5/15 12:08:37

Question: subscription to use some database

Description:  I want to access some database which is not bought by our library, what should i do? Can i buy that myself? how much will it cost if i only use it for one week? thank you.
Time of question:2008/5/15 12:07:36
Answer:You can subscribe by yourself as an individual user. You may also submit a recommendation form (see http://chinadatacenter.org/newcdc/onlinedata.htm) to your library. The annual subscription fee for a colleage student or faculty is $880 (based on 2008 price), and $2,680 for UHK library subscription. Please contact chinadata@umich.edu if there is any question.
Answer time:2008/5/15 12:07:36

Question: Base year for Price Indexes

Description:  What is the base year for the overall price indices in the provincial statistic? Is the base year of the provincial statistic the same? Is is possible for me to get data of different provinces with a similar Base year? Or is there REAL GDP data for different provinces?
Time of question:2008/5/15 12:04:38
Answer:They should be based on the previous year if no specific definition.
Answer time:2008/5/15 12:04:38

Question: Statistics on Residential Housing Growth

Description:  I would like data on the growth in the housing markets in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Xiamen. For example, constructioin of new homes in recent years, expectations for future growth rates, etc. Thank you
Time of question:2008/5/15 12:02:38
Answer:You can find some statistics on housing constructions from the official statistical data. The expectation and future rowth rates are not covered by the gov't statistical data.
Answer time:2008/5/15 12:02:38

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