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Question: Population of the smallest Township in China

Description:  I trying to find which was the population (in presons) in the smallest township in china for the census 2000 or 2005. Do you know where i may find this information? or could you send it to me?
Time of question:2008/5/15 11:53:39
Answer:The smallest township has only 9 people while the largest township has 594,809 people. Those small townships may be "virtual townships" without adminiistrative structure as other "real townships".
Answer time:2008/5/15 11:53:39

Question: Why the population from the Census data and the Yearbook are different?

Description:  If there are multiple estimates from the different sources -- the statistical yearbook versus the Census -- then how can we explain why they would be different?
Time of question:2008/5/15 11:35:24
Answer:The population data in the yearbook are estimates. It may over-estimate the rural population and under-estimate the urban population. The population from the Census data should be more realiable. For example, the population of Chengdu in 2000 are: From 2000 population Census data: Chengdu Prefecture City: 11,108,534 Urban Districts: 4,333,541 From the Yearbook: Chengdu Prefecture City: 10,133,500 Urban Districts: 3,358,600 Comparing the population data from both Census and yearbook, you can find that both total and urban population of Chengdu in the yearbook is under-estimated.
Answer time:2008/5/15 11:35:24

Question: subscription to use Census data

Description:  I am from the University of Manchester, UK. Our library has subscripted to use most statistics, but probably not the Census as we failed to access to the data. Please inform us how to gain access to the Census data and how much will it cost? Many thanks!
Time of question:2008/2/2 12:44:38
Answer:The Census Database is optional to the Basic Statistical Database. The annyal subscription fee is $3000. You can find more details from http://chinadatacenter.org/newcdc/onlinedata.htm.
Answer time:2008/2/2 12:44:38


Description:  I am looking for coal related information. Do you have that in your database?
Time of question:2008/2/2 12:42:43
Answer:You can find some coal related data in the staistical database as well as the industrial database.
Answer time:2008/2/2 12:42:43

Question: China Urban Labor Survey

Description:  Will the 2001 China Urban Labor Survey conducted by CASS be available online anytime soon?
Time of question:2008/2/2 12:38:33
Answer:We are not sure about the timeline for this data set yet. The updated survey data will be avaialable at http://chinasurveycenter.org/
Answer time:2008/2/2 12:38:33

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