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Industrial Production Operation in August 2020

http://data.acmr.com.cn  2020/9/16  National Bureau of Statistics of China

In August, the value added of industries above designated size increased by 5.6 percent year-on-year (the growth rate of the value added below is the real growth rate after deducting the price factor), faster 0.8 percentage point over that in July. On a month on month basis, in August, the value added of industries above designated size increased by 1.02 percent over the previous month. In the first eight months, the value added of industries above designated size increased by 0.4 percent year on year.


In terms of three categories, in August, the value added of the mining industry increased by 1.6 percent year-on-year, which was 2.6 percent of decrease in July; that of the manufacturing industry increased by 6.0 percent, unchanged over last month; that of the production and distribution of electricity, heating, gas and water increased by 5.8 percent, 4.1 percentage points of higher over last month.


In terms of economic types, in August, the value added of state-owned holding enterprises increased by 5.2 percent year-on-year; that of joint-stock enterprises increased by 5.8 percent; that of foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan invested enterprises increased by 5.3 percent; and that of private enterprises increased by 5.7 percent.


In terms of different industries, in August, the value added of 29 of the 41 major industries maintained a year-on-year growth. The value added of agricultural and sideline food processing industry decreased by 2.5 percent, that of textile industry rose by 3.3 percent, that of chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry increased by 6.9 percent, that of non-metallic mineral products industry increased by 5.0 percent, that of ferrous metal smelting and processing industry and non-ferrous metal smelting and processing industry rose by 9.2 and 4.8 percent, that of general equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing industry and automobile manufacturing industry rose by 10.9, 8.0 and 14.8 percent, that of railways, shipbuilding, aerospace and other transportation equipment decreased by 0.3 percent, that of electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, and manufacturing of computer, communication and other electronic equipment increased by 15.1 and 8.7 percent, and that of the production and distribution of electric power, heat and water increased by 5.9 percent.


In terms of different regions, in August, the value added of the eastern region, central region, western region and northeast region increased by 6.8, 5.4, 4.5 and 6.6 percent.


In terms of different products, in August, 394 of 612 products increased year on year. Steel was 119.13 million tons, increased by 11.3 percent; cement was 224.89 million tons, increased by 6.6 percent; ten non-ferrous metals was 5.29 million tons, increased by 6.9 percent year on year; ethylene was 1.79 million tons, increased by 8.6 percent; automobile was 2,088 thousand sets, increased by 7.6 percent, including 125 thousand new energy vehicles, increased by 31.6 percent; power generation was 723.8 billion kilowatt hours, increased by 6.8 percent; crude oil processing capacity was 59.47 million tons, up by 9.2 percent.


In August, the product sales rate of industrial enterprises was 98.2 percent, decreased by 0.4 percentage point over the same month of last year; the export delivery value of industrial enterprises was 1,045.2 billion yuan, up by 1.2 percent on a year-on-year basis in nominal terms.

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