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Cash Income of Farmers in the First Half of This Year Rose Faster.

http://data.acmr.com.cn  2004/7/27  National Bureau of Statistics

    According to the sample survey to the 68 thousand rural households in the nationwide 31 provinces(regions or municipalities), the per capita cash income of farmers in the first half of this year was 1345 yuan, a year-on-year rise of 16.1%, eliminating the price element, a real rise of 10.9% which was 8.4 percentage points higher than the real rise of the same period of last year.

    1. Wage income grew steadily.

    The wage income per farmer was 447 yuan, up 13.9%. Specifically speaking, the income per capita as formal employees in the local enterprises was 142 yuan, up 11.8%; that from laboring in the local enterprises was 75 yuan, up 27.5%; that from laboring outside the permanent residential place was 154 yuan, up 15.3%.

    2. Income from selling agricultural products increased greatly.

    The cash income per farmer from selling agricultural products reached 589 yuan, up 18.9%. Specifically speaking, that from selling crop products was 322 yuan, up 23.1%; that from selling forestry products was 14 yuan, keeping the same level with the same period of last year; that from selling animal husbandry products was 230 yuan, up 15.9%; that from selling fishery products was 22 yuan, up 6.1%.

    3. The income from family operation in the secondary or tertiary industries rose faster.

    The cash income per farmer from family business in the secondary or tertiary industries was 210 yuan, up 15.4%. Specifically speaking, the income per capita from the industry was 44 yuan, up 8.4%; that from construction was 25 yuan, up 10.9%; that from the transport and postal services was 49 yuan, up 17.6%; that from the wholesale, retail trade and catering trade was 52 yuan, up 35.3%; that from social services was 17 yuan, up 8.5%.

    4. The income from transferring went up dramatically.

    The cash income per farmer from property was 32 yuan, up 2.8%; that from transference was 67 yuan, up 15.2%. Among the cash income from transference, that given away by relatives dropped to some extent, the increase of transferring cash income was mainly from the transference payment by the government, in the main form of grain. Specifically speaking, the cash income per farmer from grain subsidy was 8.2 yuan, that from good seed subsidy was 0.8 yuan, that from tax drawback was 0.5 yuan, that from changing plantation land into forest was 2.5 yuan, that from poverty subsidy was 0.7 yuan.

    5.The burden of taxes continued to decline greatly.

    The tax per farmer was 11.5 yuan, a year-on-year drop of 27.2%. The burden of tax on farmers relieved to great extent, the payment on all sorts of taxes and fees descended fully, especially, the agricultural tax was down 11.3%.

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