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Production Price of Nationwide Farm Products in the Second Quarter Rose 10.9%.

http://data.acmr.com.cn  2004/7/26  National Bureau of Statistics

    The survey, conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics, on the production price in the nationwide 27000 agricultural production entities indicated, the national production price of farm products in the second quarter rose 10.9% year on year and those in the planting, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery went up 17.4%, 8.9%, 3.9% and 11.9%.

    Among the products of planting, the production price of grains rose 28.6% year on year. Specifically speaking, the price of wheat was up 38.1%, that of corn edged up 19%, that of rice climbed 41.4%, that of beans and the like ascended 27.1%, that of potato and the like went up 1.9%. The price of oil crops surged up 21.6%, that of cotton rose 22.6%. The production price of vegetables was up 2.6%, that of fruits only rose 1.1%. The price of sugar crop continued to rise for two consecutive quarters after the long-time recession, that in the second quarter went up 4.6% year on year. The price of tea and tobacco leaf rose 16.9% and 7% respectively.

    Among the livestock products, the price of the raw and whole pig rose 0.8%, that of ox for beef went up 3.8%, that of live sheep was up 4.3%, that of milk products was up 2.1%, that of down and fur products from livestock rose 12.3%. The prices of poultry and eggs climbed 10.6% and 11.8% respectively. Mainly influenced by the bird flu. breaking out in some regions in the first quarter, the enthusiasm that the farmers raising poultry supplement the young poultry was dampened, and so the number of live poultry in farmer families declined and the rate of producing eggs in the summer dropped, the supply of egg showed the seasonal decline.

    Among the fishery products, the aquatic products from the sea went up 11.4%, of which, that of sea fishes was up 13.3%, that of seashell climbed 8.5%; that of aquatic products from shallow waters increased 13.1%, of which, that of fishes from fresh water ascended 12.6%, that of shrimp and crab rose 28.4%.

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