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Consumer Confidence Index Dropped around the High Level.

http://data.acmr.com.cn  2004/7/7  National Bureau of Statistics

    The consumer confidence index indicated by the survey conducted by the NBS continued to kept steady around the high level of 90 points, reaching 90.1 points which was down by 5.3 points over this March.

    The satisfaction index representing to what the extent the consumer was satisfied with the current economic situation declined to 92.2 points in this June from the 96.3 points in this March, mainly because the remarks on the time of buying durable consumer goods by consumers changed, and the proportion of the consumers who thought that it was now suitable for buying durable goods and automobiles dropped to 56% and 18% in this June from the 71% and 20% in this March respectively.

    The expectation index reflecting the consumers¡¯ opinion on economic prospect in the next adjacent months declined to 88.7 points in this June from 94.1 points in this March, mainly due to the uncertain factors in the process of economic development noticed by consumers. In this June, the consumers thinking the trend of future economy would be unclear accounted for 33%, up by 2 percentage points over this March; those reckoning the trend would keep prosperous dropped to 50% from 62% in this March; in the meantime, those considering that the income in the next year would be better than now fell to 39% from 50% in this March.

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