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       Explanation on Indicators of Industrial Database
Industrial Entirety Cover the whole industry and reflect the entire condition of the industry.
Number of Employees Number of Employees at year-end
Sales Revenue Total sales revenue of this industry in this year in terms of RMB
ProfitTotal profit of this industry in this year in terms of RMB
Ratio of Profit to Assets Profit/(Total Assets)
Ratio of Profit to Net Assets (Profit)/(Net Assets), that is (Profit)/[(Total Assets)-(Total Debts)]
Labor Productivity (Industrial Value-added)/(Average Number of Employees)
Ratio of Debts to Assets (Total Debts)/(Total Assets)
Total Assets Net Assets plus Total Debts
Change Rate [( Increment of This Year over Last Year)]/(Value of Last Year)]*100%
Main Wholesalers For users' convenience, we list the top ten large wholesalers engaged in this industry(But all of them do not only engage in this industry.)
Regional Market Share (Sales Revenue of A Industry in This Region)/ (Total Sales Revenue of A Industry)
Ownership Type State-owned Enterprises:Enterprises whose assets all belong to the State.
Collective-owned Enterprises:Enterprises whose assets all belong to the civics collective including enterprises town governments found by using collective investment.
Private Enterprise:refers to all kinds of enterprises whose assets belong to private individual.
Joint Management Enterprises:enterprises joint-managed by different ownership types of enterprises in all kinds of forms
Share Cooperative:Share Cooperative: Enterprises funded by shareholders and invested in the form of share including all kinds of limited liability companies and corporations issuing share.
Foreign-funded Enterprises:Sino-foreign joint-venture, cooperative and solely foreign-funded enterprises, not include enterprises funded by overseas Chinese and investors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
Funded by Investors from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan:Joint-venture, cooperative and exclusive-funded enterprises invested by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investors and overseas Chinese.
Three-partner-funded Enterprises:include enterprises invested by foreign, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan investors and overseas Chinese.
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