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Location: Data Center > Online Services > China Yearly Provincial Macro-economy Statistics
China Yearly Provincial Macro-economy Statistics


Product Description :

China Yearly Provincial Macro-economy Statistics provides government statistics on the national economy and social development of the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of mainland China (not including Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan) since 1952. This data product is exclusively authorized by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, and provides the statistics on Chinese macro-economic development. It is the most comprehensive, authoritative and timely database of the Chinese macro-economic statistics to date.

Product Content :

1. National Accounts: GDP, GDP by expenditure approach, GDP index(1952=100) and so on;
2. Population and employment: Population, Number of employees and Number of staff and workers;
3. Investment in fixed assets: Social investment in fixed assets, Floor space of buildings under construction and real estate development and so on;
4. Price indices : All sorts of price indices;
5. People's living and wages: Basic condition of people's living;
6 Government Finance and Banking: Government revenue and expenditure, Balance of deposits and loans in national banks;
7. Agriculture : Basic condition of rural area, Gross output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing and their indices, agricultural production condition, outputs of main agricultural products, number of big livestocks;
8. Industry : Number of industrial enterprises, Gross output value of industry and indices, outputs of main industrial products;
9. Construction: Number of construction enterprises, Number of employees, Gross output value of construction enterprises, Area of buildings;
10. Transport, postal and communications: Basic conditions on transportation, Passenger-kilometers, Freight ton-kilometers, basic condition on transport, post and communications and so on;
11. Domestic Trade, Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation:Retail sale of social consumer goods, Imports and Exports, Actually used foreign investment, Foreign exchange revenue from tourism;
12. Education and culture: Basic condition on education and cultural cause;
13. Health Care:Basic condition on health care.

To order the data:

Members can get access to the online database with valid subscription. If you need to order the data in Excel file format seperately from the online data service, please contact:

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